A New Chapter


Thank goodness we evolve. People, cultures, infrastructure, business and systems all get upgrades from time to time and healthcare is no exception. Healthcare is actually past due for an overhaul on approach to patient care. We are phenomenal in acute care but need quite a bit of work in reversing chronic illness, more supportive cancer treatments and in answering the call from our patients in their desire for more holistic paradigms. Healthcare consumers are forcing a shift and we as healthcare professionals can choose to run at the head of the pack with our customers or be dragged behind kicking and screaming.


​I have been very blessed to spend almost half of my career in holistic health and wellness programming. Working in traditional western medicine as well as a more natural consultative approach has opened my own eyes to why some people heal while others continue on in their struggle.


My next chapter is focused on a behind the scenes approach. I'll be working with what my patients believe, what they value and how they make decisions about their health and about life. Those of us in direct patient care have been very curious why our patients have abundant knowledge yet continue to make choices that sabotage their health. More extrinsic and systemic thinking is not the answer, we have everything we need. But to be able to elicit an understanding of how our patient's beliefs and thought processes stand in the way of health harmony, now that's something pretty remarkable. I hope you're as curious as I am and will continue to join me in the discovery.